Dana Citta Buddhist Society




In conjunction with the Commemoration Day of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, Dana Citta Buddhist Society will be organizing the Dharma Function as follows:  

Date:   Saturday 12 September 2020 (农历七月二十五日)

Time:   9.00am to 6.00pm

Venue: DCBS

Sangha members have been invited to conduct the service focusing on the sutras within the “Contemplation of Three Periods” compilation, followed by “小蒙山” which is the offering of food to the wandering beings.

Once again, we look forward to your continued support for the Dharma Function by putting up names for the memorial service in the various categories:

- Clan Ancestors

- Departed loved ones

- Karmic creditors

- Wandering beings

- Aborted babies/stillborn

- Departed pets

To help defray the cost of organizing the event, we will be collecting a token of $10.00 per name in each category.  You may also contribute towards the offerings as well as “dana” for the Sangha members.  Any amount is welcome and deeply appreciated.

As we are run solely by volunteers, we seek your understanding for all names to be provided to us by latest 1 Sep 2020.    In view of the current Covid-19 situation, you may provide us with the names via WhatsApp:

Ven Kuan Jing:  HP 9743-4940

Bro Soon Lee:   HP 8322-1047

Sis Chen Mei:    HP 9664-8206

For your convenience, you may request to refer to your registration forms from the previous year.  You can also register online, please follow this link https://danacitta.aidaform.com/fahui-registration-form. In addition, we have also introduced the PayNow service (UEN: T07SS0114A) or scan the PayNow QR Code below. 


seek your understanding that due to COVID 19, the service will be conducted by Sangha members and strictly no participation by devotees. However, you are welcome to come down to offer incense in groups of not more than 5 persons.

May all beings be happy and liberated from sufferings.