Dana Citta Buddhist Society



Dana Citta Buddhist Society wishes everyone a joyous Lunar New Year filled with blessings of prosperity, good health, longevity, happiness and success.


Medicine Buddha Light Offering

A good start to the Year of the Pig begins with the auspicious light offering to the Medicine Buddha.  Each image of the Medicine Buddha will bear the name of the sponsor and with a lamp lighted up throughout the entire year for abundant blessings.  We are collecting a token of $50.00 per name and $200.00 per company per year as these collections will help to defray the operating cost of our premises.


Birthday of Maitreya Buddha

The first day of the Lunar New Year is also the birthday of Maitreya Buddha, more commonly known as the “Laughing Buddha”.  To welcome the new year and to commemorate the birthday of Maitreya Buddha, DCBS will be holding a New Year service as follows:

Date:  Tuesday 5 Feb 2019 (农历正月初一)

Time:  9.30am to 12.00noon


Diamond Repentance Sutra Service

Every month, a service on a repentance sutra will be held and the merits dedicated to the sponsors of the Medicine Buddha light offering.   The session for February will focus on the Diamond Repentance Sutra and will be held as follows:

Date:  Saturday 9 Feb 2019 (农历正月初五)

Time:  9.00am to 1.00pm


CNY Gathering cum Blessing Service

The CNY Blessing Service will be held with the recitation of the Medicine Buddha Repentance Sutra:

Date:     Saturday 16 Feb 2019 (农历正月十二日)

Time:     9.00am to 12.30pm

The CNY Lunch Gathering and “Lohei” session will be held after the service from 12.30pm to 2.00pm.


We look forward to your participation in the above activities.  If you would like to contribute towards the offerings or meals for the above events, please get in touch with any of our committee members.  Any amount is welcome and deeply appreciated.  Thank-you.


        迎接猪年 诸事吉祥







春节农历初一是当来下生佛 – 弥勒菩萨的宝诞日,在这喜气盈盈的日子里,本会将举行新春祈福法会,邀请您莅临本会,共沾法喜。

日期:  2019年2月 5日 星期四 (农历正月初一)

时间:  上午9.30 至中午 12.00




日期:  2019年2月 9 日 星期六(农历正月初五)

时间:  上午9.00 至下午 1.00




日期:     2019年2月16日 星期六 (农历正月十二日)

时间:     上午9.00 至中午 12.30

吉祥捞起餐: 中午12.30至下午 2.00