Dana Citta 
Buddhist Society


On behalf of Dana Citta Buddhist Society, a big “Thank-you” for all your support and donations that make this “Rice 4 Sangha” project a big success. We deeply appreciate the trust and confidence that you have in us.

We started initially with six countries. But with your generosity, we were able to raise more than $80,000 that enabled us to offer in 11 countries, totalling more than 18,000 Sangha members. We are extremely touched by your great support especially during this challenging time.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all Venerables, our Brothers and Sisters and all volunteers from the 11 countries for all your hard work and dedication in helping to coordinate, survey, purchase and finally distribute the rice to all the Sangha Members on our behalf.

May we dedicate all the merits accumulated towards world peace, the successful curbing of Covid-19, and the cessation of all sufferings for all sentient beings.



这项目能成功, 背后有许多默默奉献的菩萨,他们相互协调,仔细核查,然后奔走采购,最后发放到有需要的人家去,每一个环节都照顾得无微不至。在此也向他们说声谢谢。